Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cloud Computing Companies That Rock

Cloud computing today is popularly accepted worldwide. Tech venture capitalists are building cloud computing firms one after another. Tech companies that could possibly steer the market in 2011 are listed here.

The way we search information and facts was completely changed since Google joined the market. The way people work with our office application was changed when Google released their cloud-based email, calendar and documents. Google just recently introduced Google Music Beta. This is a service that will let you store your own sound clips online and allows instantaneous access without having to synchronize between devices. As cloud storage internet businesses become popularly accepted, a new rumor surfaced across the web is that Google may revitalize their G-Drive project.

Amazon is assumed as the World's biggest selection. I thought it can also be an excellent cloud computing companies on Earth. Cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud databases, content delivery service, payment, monitoring - you name it. You ought to look at's AWS if you are seeking an outstanding cloud service with reasonable price.

Apple's solution to cloud computing market is to offer iCloud service to end users. Using iCloud, people can synchronize a variety of contents such as pictures, songs, movies, documents etc. to cloud, and access it from any iPhone, iPad, Mac & PC. I will not be surprised if iCloud becomes household brand. Apple already has hurdreds of millions of fans for iDevice and iService.

Some people thought cloud computing is the impending danger to Microsoft. Recognizing the inconvenient truth, the OS giant Microsoft is attempting to gain ground among the lead cloud computing companies. Even though it is not yet popular as's PaaS and Amazon's IaaS, Windows Azure may be a rapidly growing PaaS. (NYSE: CRM) offers customer relationship management (CRM) software to enterprise customers. It is one of the fastest growing cloud computing providers offering platform as a service.

Dropbox is probably one of the most successful cloud storage and backup services. Dropbox provides a variety of end user clients across various mobile and desktop operating systems. It is quite convenient to store and distribute files with Dropbox. Sending and receiving files to and from other people is effortlessly easy. A big plus is from the mobile clients, end users can listen to their songs and watch video files saved in Dropbox. Dropbox also offers 2GB storage to free accounts, but individuals who refer others to join Dropbox can get up to 8GB of absolutely free storage. Subscription starts with $9.99/month for 50 Gigabytes. There are also 100 Gigabytes plan and large storage plan.

SugarSync is known as a cloud storage company that offers application to sync documents, photos and other content among several personal computers (both Windows & Mac), as well as routinelybacks them up on the internet. Free accounts can enjoy generous 5 Gigabytes of free storage. is an online storage and cloud content delivery company. now offers 5 GB to free accounts, while the rival Dropbox offers only 2 GB. But Dropbox's customers will get up to 8 GB free of charge if they refer others to sign up Dropbox. 500 Gigabytes of cloud storage will cost you $15/month in while Dropbox costs $9.99 for 50 GB. That's a significant point to consider. Yet Dropbox has larger variety of clients - Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry etc.